Thursday, November 17, 2011


I had visited the Dairy Queen store in SM Taytay and the cashier lady offered me to try their new product "Black Forest Blizzard."

I bought a 16-ounce-blizzard.

The cashier gave me the receipt and another piece of paper. She asked me if I could do write my feedback on their new product.

I've just finished the half-glass of the blizzard when I started to write down my comments and give my ratings for the product.

I'm a fan of Black Forest Cake... what I like on this dessert is the fusion of rich chocolate and the cherries and rum-taste flavors. Parang akong kinikiliti ng brandy or rum na may asim pa ng cherry.

Though, I am not expecting that much on Black Forest Blizzard but somehow hinanap ko yung ganung taste doon.

What can I say on this latest DQ product is that nilagyan lang iyon ng cherries at mga chocolate curl and chunks.

I could more compare the Black Forest Blizzard on other ordinary chocolate blizzards... sorry.

Anyway, like ko pa rin ang DQ Blizzards. Nami-miss ko tuloy ang Banana Split at Oreo Cookie :))


Na-post ko lang agad ito dahil sa pagkadismaya sa late serving sa akin ng tatlong isaw ng manok na nabayaran ko na agad. Hayyy


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