Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Even the popularity of so-called LCD TV hasn't reach its peak (read: can't afford) especially among middle class here in the Philippines, the newly-developed LED TV has now introduced in the country.

In an article published today in Manila Bulletin, the first batch/shipment of Samsung's LED TVs has arrived in the shelves of Abenson Avant stores.

LED was first introduced and said to be NEXT BIG THING in lighting industry.

Others claim that it should replace standard incandescent bulbs or see it as better than compact flourescent lamps.

But what happens these days, LED technology has gaining first its popularity as if it is used in LCD TVs.

LEDs use less power (electricity) and do not contain mercury, according to reports.

However, some internet-based reviews claim that using LED as lighting source for TVs has its own problems.

Last Christmas, I almost purchase a Toshiba LCD but I backed off, and now just dreaming to avail one next yuletide season, pagkakubra ng aking Christmas bonus-- sana hehe

Choosing between LCD and LED TVs?!? Maybe, I should prefer the former... considering the price.

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