Saturday, April 25, 2009


I started to feel the pain in my fingers as it keep on playing unto her small and almost fragile body.

But no regrets, I am playing with my baby!

And am thinking if I could dress her and feed her by myself.

But these things can wait... nothing in a hurry.

Careful touch must be made.

It's just I still can't believe that she's already here in my lap!

Funny I am. I'm acting like a real father... or a real loner guy who finally found a companion, a friend, or an inspiration amidst tiredness and confusion.

These coming days, I'll try to bring her in my every 'gala' in the metropolis...
and inevitable, both of us will spend time together in coffee shops.

And I think, my baby seems to appreciate my caresses... I saw different lights flashing from her face, maybe that's the only way for her to show her gratitude.

Same with me, I am very grateful... and so to Ate Girlie.

She had let me adapt her baby even 'twas only three weeks old on her coddling arms... she trusted me...

she wanted me in her Asus's life!

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edong san miguel said...

go baby go! mine naman is a black msi. more blogs to come from you ha, goodluck