Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I just had a great fulfilled Monday as I had able to attend the World Bloggers' Day forum held at SM Cubao Cyberzone in Quezon City. 

I almost missed the event... fortunate enough, I opened my email an hour before the forum. Importantly, the venue is only less-5 minute MRT/ bus ride away from my work, so, I hurried up and went there.

There's also a simultaneous event in Cebu, actually, it's the Cebu Blogger Society initiated for the Pinoy bloggers' community to participate in World Bloggers' Day celebration.

I only spent an hour listening to the blogging tips shared by Mr. Azrael Coladilla of Manila Bloggers Network. I also had the chance to hear the short stories of some bloggers on how and why they started blogging. One of them is FPJ Jr. (Manual to Lyf) while others, hindi na masyadong nag-rehistro sa akin dahil sa ingay ng paligid and I can't hear them clearly.

I was able to asked naman my seatmate's blogsite. She's already in 40s na yata kaya I was amazed on her that she'd been encouraged to blog about six months ago pa lang. I didn't get her name but her blog's entitled 'Howbler' --a technology blog.

Sayang lang, I failed to chitchat with them because I've got to go back to the office. I didn't able to say "hi" and "hello" to them and introduce myself.... I don't even finished the forum 'til 6pm.

What made my 'gatecrashing' on the bloggers' forum worth?! At least, I met these interesting people personally :)

I realized afterward that I really wanted to share my thoughts and knowledge with others thru my blog.

Azrael & Toplatsi

I hope I could buy a laptop, netbook, or the iPad 2. 'Twas last year when I decided to sell my Asus netbook because of my financial difficulty. Since then, I hardly find the time to blog. It took me more than a year before I went back to blogging.

Hmmm.... I also wish I could own a DSLR camera, too, so, I could post brilliant photos here in my blog that will help me tell the story effectively for all of you guys.

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milez said...

hi, Howbler is just over a month old, but we have another blog that is over 6 month old. thanks for writing about our blog. just dropped by your site. keep up the good work!