Thursday, February 19, 2009


We've just visited the set of Unang Hirit, a morning show aired over GMA7... and we're amused by the performance of its band guest, Gorgoro.

Gorgoro is actually the name of its vocalist, a puppet!

Maybe, this is the first band which has a 'dummy vocals'... a pink (or peach)- colored creature, resembled to a rude-looking Somali pirate haha

I started to love their music. The band has the influences of Britpop and pop rock. Suede, Blur and Oasis, for example, has also been known for this music genre.

As of this date, Gorgoro is definitely a YouTube sensation. Actually, the band started there. Well, just in time, they'll gonna penetrate the mainstream music arena!

Get to know more GORGORO along with Manix Abrera (guitars), Billy Reyes (guitars), Jeng Tan (bass), Meh Reyes (key boards/synth) and Jovi Reyes (drums/percs)-- just click it here.

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