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Senator Richard Gordon, reportedly, proposed the inclusion of an additional ray in the rays of the sun in the Philippine flag.

The 9th ray, he claimed, will represent the Mindanao folks who among the first Filipinos fought Spaniards, aside from the eight provinces we known 'til today.

But did you know that it's Lanao del Sur representative Sultan Omar Dianalan who first gave this idea of having a 9th ray?

He actually filed a bill for this during 1970s.

Debate heated up because some argued that Mindanao has represented already by one of the three stars in our flag.

Through the years, there were others tried to proposed new insertions in our flag.

Some insists for the inclusion of a crescent to symbolize Moslems in the Philippines.

There are even others questioned the shade of blue in the flag... should it be China blue, sky blue, azure, navy blue or dark blue?

According to an article which I've obtained from the National Historical Institute's website, as of the opinion of the daughter of Marcela Agoncillo, one of the flag-makers, is concerned... if there's really an error in the color of the flag, why did Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo [who made the sketch of the flag] never question it?

1985 when then President Ferdinand Marcos created an executive order stating that the shade of the color blue in the flag should be lighter than navy blue BUT DARKER than sky blue or azure.

True enough, there are numerous controversies hound RP flag!

The Flag Law of 1907 which was enacted during the takeover of the Americans in the Philippines, prompted the Filipinos not to use a flag and even display it inside their homes!

The said law was made amid the so-called mutual distrust among Pinoys and American rulers... not until October 1919, the Flag Law of 1907 was repealed, as approved and signed by Governor General Francis Harrison.

Even these days, many of us puzzled about the look and whereabouts of the original Philippine flag sewn in Hong Kong and delivered here in the country in 1898.

The original flag, allegedly, was lost somewhere in Tayug, Pangasinan.
But others believe that the flag is the one placed in the Aguinaldo Museum in Baguio City while some says the Americans have it.

Fine, fine, fine... should we really waste our time on this kind of debate?

Maybe... at least. Just we hope, some of these issues will be resolved sooner.

Besides, it's our flag.

The flag symbolizes our identity to this world, shows our love to our very own fatherland. 'Ika nga ng isa nating dating lider, wala nang tutulong sa Pilipino kundi kapwa-Pilipino. Well, it should be, wala nang magmamalasakit at magmamahal sa Pilipinas kundi tayong mga Pilipino lang.

Just got reminded, mark your calendar-- it's every 28th of May we should enjoined ourselves in displaying the Philippine flag in our homes, offices and establishments!

Let us show that we are proud to be Pinoy!

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