Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Most Filipinos strictly follow traditional beliefs of welcoming the new year.
Marami sa mga ito, halo-halo na mula sa ating mga sariling angkan hanggang sa influences ng mga dayuhan gaya ng Chinese, Spanish at American.

How to celebrate New Year's Eve the Pinoy way?

Step 1... prepare 12 or 13 rounded fruits, rice cakes, buko [coconut] salad, pasta, ham, queso de bola and lechon! yan ang pagsasaluhan nyo at midnight. Punuin din dapat ang mga container ng inyong bigas, asukal and the like... it's for good-luck, dear!

Step 2... make sure that you and you're family will be together before midnight. If others [specially children] are asleep, awake them.

Step 3... wear shirts with polka dots designs... pampa-swerte raw. make it sure din na dominant ang colors na red at green

Step 4... 'pag 12mn na, light firecrackers, turn on your radio, TV sets... pump up the volume! blow your horn...blow your torotot! pwede ring ibusina nang ibusina ang inyong sasakyan... make loud noises! ang ingay daw kasi, pantaboy malas! Well, others prefer to hold dance party in their houses.

Step 5... 'pag midnight na, lumundag ka! it's a growth booster hehe

Step 6... do a 'house toast'. get some coins at magpa-agaw ka nyan sa bawat sulok ng bahay. don't be surprise though if adults, aside from kids, will also do the hunt

Step 7... have a great midnight 'reunion'

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