Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ano ang pandiwa?
Ang pandiwa ay salita na nagsasaad ng kilos o galaw.
May iba't ibang uri ang pandiwa...
1. pandiwang panghinaharap
2. pandiwang pangkasalukuyan
3. pandiwang pangnagdaan
Tama ba ako, Ma'am?!
Mistulang nagbabalik-aral ako noong elementarya dahil sa pinakahuling Jollibee TV ad kung saan tampok si Aga Muhlach.
Pa-'rap' ang jingle doon kung saan ang lyrics, paulit-ulit ang paghahalimbawa ng mga uri ng pandiwa.
Some food restaurants in New York City has questioned before the court the new regulation of the city health officials, requiring them to post 'calorie counts' on their menus.
This, according to NYC officials, would help the consumers to choose healthier food for them.
They also express alarm over the rise of numbers of obese and diabetic New Yorkers.
The new regulation, however, will be implemented sooner in April.
During 90s, scientists discovered the oldest human voice recording.
Dated 1877, it was Thomas Edison's voice-- singing a nursery rhyme 'Mary had a Little Lamb.'
But yesterday, another audio clip was presented... seemed to predate Thomas' recording.
A 10-sec. recording of a woman singing "Au Clair de la Lune," a French song, was found by audio-historian David Giovannoni.
Reports claim, it was recorded in 1860.
Well, let the experts have the final say on that!


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