Thursday, September 3, 2009


Spreading these days online is a petition asking concerned authorities to re-install the billboard ad where Magic 89.9 FM's DJ Mojo Jojo is endorsing glutathione products.

The controversial billboard draws ire, criticisms because of its 'gay'-theme.

Some points the blame on the tagline of the endorser, while others attribute the 'scandal' on the guy behind Mojo (they claim, it promotes gay sex).

...and I believe that the latter should largely blamed for this!

But I don't believe that the said ad could do great harm or may encourage more gays to hook up for sex, sex, and more sex.

It's just a billboard... keeps wanting your attention!

foto credit: rainbow


mauban said...

I dis agreee the pictures is not good for children

toplatsi said...

@mauban... i agree, it isn't good for children but i don't think it will catch their attention na tipong from where they seat sa loob ng car and they're staring at those numerous billboards... hindi magre-rehistro sa kanila ang pagtataka agad na may lalaki sa likod ng bading (?) o di kaya ay mag-iisip na agad sila na bading nga ba yung si DJ UNLESS ITUTURO NATIN SA KANILA