Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Have you seen the soccer TVC of Milo?

Clearly, the TV ad promotes the said popular sport and wants to inspire more Pinoys.

Just wondering if Milo has any plan to expand its reach for encouraging our kids to play soccer aside from the hugely popular basketball.

If I am not mistaken, soccer and even baseball has been a favorite pasttime among children in remote areas, provinces so to speak. Unfortunately, the popularity of basketball overtook.

Basketball's stardom is more evident these days as more barangay officials or particularly, Sangguniang Kabataan officers prioritize setting up basketball court in their locality.

They, even the parents, may support more for basketball because 'di ito gaanong maruming laruin' compared to soccer na 'mangungudngud ka sa putikan a la kalabaw.'

I just can't agree on others' impression that soccer is for the elite. Playing soccer shouldn't be limited on posh schools only! I believe that the Department of Education must do something unto this matter.

I'm not dreaming about the Philippines to be included in FIFA World Cup...(kung kaya naman talaga natin, why not!) the fact, that soccer has already been part also of Pinoys... it's just, we're discriminating on who's playing.

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