Thursday, April 23, 2009


For these past weeks, the so-called LAST SONG SYNDROME struck me heavily because of some television commercials embedded with ear catching jingles and being aired nth times... dammit!

I hope I just could still appreciate senti songs hahaha

Oki, we've got this Vhong Navarro's heavily plugged '3-in-1 plus 1 Happy Kaarawan' jingle on his Selecta Ice Cream TVC. Every hour, this TVC really annoys me!

Well, ibig sabihin, epektibo siya...

Unlike Vhong's dance album (hehe), others were caught surprised when Jimmy Santos has new TVC! Naunahan pa niya ang iba dyan na wala pang endorsement haha. You can even notice on his UFC Sarsarap plug that his popular/infamous 'carabao-english' has greatly used here since (just) when Jimmy had his last (call it, mainstream?) TVC.

"when i say sarsarap, you say-- sarsaya (sarsarap... sarsaya!)
now put your hands in the air, now put it in your mouth!
... i love you 3x a day"

Another TVC, Del Monte Pineapple... the animated one, which features Super Bidang Kids. The TVC is quite catchy because of its musicale-type of story-telling.

But I guess, the second and latest TVC of this new MyJuiz instant powder drink is the big winner these days, having this a la MTV style.

It also has this famous tagline which clearly boosts kids' confidence... "bata ka pa pero kaya mo na!"

Too bad, as of this writing, the said TVC is not available in YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I hate that MyJuiz commercial. "Rock on and say live my life"??? Come on. They're just kids. :| They're asking kids to 'live their life'??!?!

Jingle said...

Ya this is the best nature of any type of jingle to attract the listeners whole attention in just tricking to his ears.