Friday, March 13, 2009


Summer is officially here!

Many of us guys and gals have been busy to attain good and sexy bod, just before we could get into a beach party!

But have you ever considered to shave your 'private' hair?

Why I asked that?!?

Because some argues that 'pubic shaving' will help you cleaning your genitals easier.

Experts say that our 'private part' easily accumulates heat, sweat and bacteria... ano pa nga raw kaya kung mainit ang panahon bukod sa tago talaga ang tu-toot?

In my case, I easily get worried on my 'private hair' that curls round, thus it causes painful feeling. Parang sinasabunutan ka sa baba hahaha

Among guys, others believe that you'll gain an inch (in length) for your pipe if you do the shaving.

But becoming a 'barber'... some pointers should consider first (click here). Shaving down there and having aftercare is not that easy, therefore there are steps to follow... for your safety (guys, click here) (girls, click here).

There's should NO RUSH for you... and don't believe that 'pubic shaving' makes you macho.. or whatever they call it.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

i am a firm believer in keeping it clean... and its also an added benefit for those that would be heading down there.