Thursday, February 12, 2009


Very ironic, after few hours I took myself a picture while riding on a bus... now, Toplatsi goes BALD!

It all started when I had this big disappointment yesterday.

So, at first, I decided to spend my time in malling, then in a salon- having some chitchat and jokes with my hairstylist, Joela.

Suddenly, he asked me if he could shave my head!

Nagsasawa na raw kasi siya sa mga gupit niya sa akin.

I hesitated at first, I told him that getting me bald could only make me uglier creature!

He disagreed.

Anyway, kaladkarin talaga akong lalaki... Joela only took 3 minutes to convinced me or whatever you call it.

As expected, my mom felt bad upon seeing me like this and as of this writing, I haven't received any violent reactions from my officemates hehe

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Anonymous said...

pakiupdate ang reactions. haha